Language Department


Primary, Secondary and College education is managed by three separate Directorates at the State Level and similarly there are three different Heads at District Level. Primary Education is managed by the District Education Officer ( Primary), Secondary Education by District Education Officer ( Secondary) manage the day to day affairs of primary education. There are no Sub-Division level officers at Sub-Division level either in Primary Education or Secondary Education, whereas in Primary Education there are 14 Education Blocks Headed by Block Primary Education Officers in each Block, there is no block level officer to manage the Secondary Education. Of course, there are two Deputy District Education Officer at Secondary level in the District to assist the District Education Officer. There are several more officials to help the District Education Officer(s) in their respective fields such as District Science Supervisor looks after Science Education in the District, District Coordinator (Vocation) to look after Vocational Education in the District, Assistant Education officer ( Physical Education ) and Assistant District Guidance Counselor to look after guidance activities in the district schools. An Administrative Officer responsible for the office work of Establishment Branch, Drawing and Disbursing powers are also invested with him to provide more time to District Education Officer(s) for inspection work in schools. Yet little time is left with this officer to justify his exigencies as he has also to cope with hundreds of court cases and a large number of day to day meetings with higher officers and Teachers’ organizations.


Urdu Classes

To teach Urdu language, free classes are being run at District Head quarters. The successful candidates are issued a certificate in Urdu Amoz. This is a six month course. New admission are done in the month of January and July of the year.


Department Publication and Sale Depot

The Department reference library contain complete information regarding the history, culture, public life, geography, literature, music, art, language, sports, industry as well as prominent personalities of Punjab. To cater to specific requirements of teachers and students and to facilitate the introduction of Punjabi as a medium of instruction up to university level, more than 30 glossaries on various subjects have already been brought out. To met the dearth of suitable books for the coming generation more than 600 books are being prepared under 30 different series out of which more than 250 books have already been published. To make available classical and standard works of Punjabi of reasonable price of the readers, these books are published in sufficient number in the form of paper back series. Besides the translation of non-statutory material required for the official work, the department has also rendered into Punjabi the best 100 books published in different language of the world to develop the taste of Punjabi readers for the world literature. A part from the publication of books tour magazines of Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu, also been published by Language Department. All these publications in the book form are available at Sale Depot of District Language Office, Sangrur.